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IRS Announces ERC Withdrawal Program

In conjunction with the IRS announcement, Forensic Payroll also announces they will assist employers for a flat fee of $50 per withdrawal (i.e. per amendment recision).

Today the IRS announced the creation of a new ERC withdrawal program to help employers who have filed their claim for ERC but now either want to withdraw their claim(s) that have not fully been processed by the IRS or would like to return refund checks not already cashed to the agency.

Forensic Payroll (FPC), the only national provider dedicated to providing assistance to employers and their payroll providers with prior-period historical clean up and mitigation will participate in helping employers in the program.

For a flat fee of $50 per withdrawal request, FPC will coordinate the filings on behalf of the employer. An additional fee of $125 per hour will be charged to reconstruct claim forms (i.e. Form 941-X and the associated calculations) for anyone who cannot provide a copy of the original claim for refund filed by either a defunct ERC provider or facing resistance from the provider.

See below for more details from the IRS

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