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"I started my S-Corp company last year. I was so focused on getting customers, that I forgot to run the company. Then came time for taxes. I knew I was behind so I called Andy Lopez. Mr. Flash spun into action and before I realized it, he had sorted out my mess. Not only was Andy good, but he was calm and always reassuring. Andy is my man for now and beyond!”

Deepak Kulkarni


"We hired FPC to help our organization get back on track with past payroll taxes, compliance, and reporting issues. As a result of FPC’s work, the savings to the organization exceeded $300,000 which related to potential late fees, penalties, and interest. All was accomplished in time, significantly under budget. When it comes to payroll matters, I would wholeheartedly recommend FPC to any organization.”

Denny Kon

CPA | MBA | Chief Financial Officer

"When we needed to process our Annual payroll very last minute and another payroll service could not help us on December 31st, FPC was not only able to get our payroll in but walked us through every part of the process to make sure our payroll tax deposits were not late. The speed of their service and the professionalism ​was remarkable, and affordable.”

Amy Hunter

MER Corporation

"We didn’t realize we had to tell our payroll company about our 2% shareholder medical premium in 2016. We reported the correction to our payroll company in March 2017 to get a corrected W2, but they said it was going to take 10 weeks and $250 for the amendments to process. FPC provided a corrected W2 in 1 day and for less cost. They also processed and filed all the amendments to the tax agencies. FPC was there when I needed them.”

Shaughn Ryan

Omni Mobility

"I didn’t realize we had written manual checks in 2016 that were not reported to our payroll company. When we tried to report them in January, they said it was going to take 10 weeks and $250 for the amendments to process. Forensic Payroll was able to process the amendments in 3 days and for less cost. More importantly, they were able to ensure my employee had a corrected W2 in-hand before she filed her own taxes. I recommend FPC to anyone who needs corrections to their payroll!”

Mike Delgado

State Farm Agent

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