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Payroll Solutions FPC Forensic

FPC Solutions

At FPC we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for all prior-period employment tax issues. Though our services are focused on small businesses, we work with any size business to ensure they are compliant with Federal, State, and local payroll tax regulations. We bring our collective leadership and knowledge of 180 years of experience into every payroll compliance project.

Payroll Reconstruction

We will work with employers on sorting through historical wage pay data so that it’s in a reportable format and provide to 3rd parties upon your authorization.

Merger and Acquisition CoMPLIANCE

Collaborative approach to identify State-specific unemployment tax rate transfer rules from Predecessor to Successor. In addition to preparing claims for outstanding credits, incorrect unemployment tax rate assignments, wage base restarts (FICA, FUTA, SUTA), and other Federal/State employment tax overpayments.

After-the-fact payrolls

If you have a payroll that must be reported and taxes paid, but it’s beyond the deadline to onboard into your payroll service provider’s system, FPC can help. We can process the payroll, coordinate payment to the tax agencies and provide you and your new payroll processor with the reports necessary for the go-forward payroll.

Worker classification compliance

The IRS and State agencies take misclassifications seriously. We will perform a thorough review of your independent contractors to identify potential misclassification issues. Once potential issues have been identified, suggestions will be made for corrections to either solidify independent contractor status or reclassify workers to employees. Audit and Appeal Representation services are also provided.

state & local ID registration and closures

With few exceptions, FPC can register, close, and report consolidations to all state and local payroll tax agencies. In some instances, this service is also provided as part of Merger and Acquisition Compliance.

Employee Retention Credit-flat fee

FPC will walk you through the IRS guidance and with your acceptance, calculate, create, and file to the IRS, ERC amendments based upon the data you or your payroll service provide. All within a turnaround time of days not weeks.


Send us the notice from the IRS, State, or Local agency and we’ll determine the cause and work with the client on a resolution.

standard payroll amendments

FPC will amend any 94x series of returns, state unemployment, state withholding, most local returns, and annual reconciliations including Forms W2/W3.

employment tax payment services

We know many businesses are unable to process employment taxes either on their own or through their payroll provider. In those situations, FPC can coordinate tax payments directly to the agency from your bank account and file quarterly and annual payroll tax returns.

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