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We correct the
errors other payroll processors make

We are NOT a payroll company in the traditional sense.

I have been in the Payroll Industry since 1997. During that time, I have held positions at Paychex, ADP, Payroll Tax Management, and Ovation/Heartland Payroll Solutions. While great at processing payroll, I saw that providers will only take on clients with a clean past and not engage the customer to correct errors that occurred previous to their involvement. This is where Forensic Payroll Consultants shine.

Our team is skilled at auditing, balancing, correcting wage data, as well as, abating employment tax penalty and interest.

FPC is not associated with any company that processes payroll; which makes us the ideal 3rd party. We will work with you, your accountant, and payroll company to deconstruct the error, identify it, and resolve the matter.

I guarantee you will be more than satisfied with our forensic analysis.

-Andrew T. Lopez, CPP


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