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Streamline Your Payroll Tax Compliance
With Our Simplified Registration 

Let Forensic Payroll take the hassle out of your payroll tax registration, ensuring your business operates smoothly and legally across the states. 

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How FPC Makes Your Life Easier

  • Fill out ONE form, select the states you want to register for, and pay at checkout.

  • FPC will handle the rest and provide your state and local payroll tax IDs.

  • Track the progress of your registration online in real time and communicate with the FPC team anytime.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Save time and hassle by avoiding multiple forms and agencies.

  • Comply with the tax laws of different jurisdictions with ease and accuracy.

  • Focus on your core business activities while we take care of your IDs.

  • Save money and resources by paying only for the states you need

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  1. You complete the registration information and submit payment for services.

  2. We will submit all applicable applications to the required state agencies on your behalf..

  3. We will provide you with confirmation of the account number once assigned by the state agency. Once you have submitted the registration application and payment to FPC, you can log into this portal at any time to obtain the status of the application process. You also will have the ability to send a message to the Forensic Payroll Consultants team or upload any documents you receive from the state agencies.

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Claim Your State IDs Now!

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