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Forensic Payroll

Forensic Payroll

Focused Solutions for Prior Payroll Issues

Forensic Payroll Consultants Inc specializes in providing payroll service providers with local, state, and federal prior payroll tax compliance.

We pride ourselves on providing speed, accuracy, and high support to every payroll tax issue brought before us. All for a reasonable fee.


About Us

Forensic Payroll Consultants Inc (FPC) are experts in resolving prior employment tax issues. We are a team of hard-working professionals dedicated to helping your business. Our Leadership team has over 75 years of experience in the payroll and payroll tax remittance industry, including working for the largest payroll companies in the United States. Our service team has an additional 125 years of combined experience. We understand what our clients want and need and how to help them excel in their industry.

Secure Your State & Local Payroll Tax ID

Manage your State & Local IDs with FPC's streamlined registration process. 

At $175 per registration, it's never been more cost-effective or easier!

FPC Partners and Supported Payroll Platforms

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Meet The Team

Andy Headshot.jpg

Andy Lopez

President and CEO

As founder and CEO of FPC, Andy gains great personal satisfaction by providing services that support payroll companies and the accounting community by bridging the gap between prior providers where payroll tax compliance often falls through the cracks.

Jacqueline Headshot.jpg

Jacqueline Sobral

Vice President of Client Operations

As Vice-President of Client Operations, Jacqueline leads both the Client Relations and Operations teams. Jacqueline previously held the role of Managing Partner at FPC and worked for payroll providers BenefitMall and Paychex.

Pam Headshot (2).jpg

Pam Drouin

Client Operations Manager

In her role as Client Operations Manager, Pam provides operational
support to our client relationship and employment tax teams.

Masi Headshot.jpg

Masi Duran

Client Relationship Manager

In her role as Client Relationship Manager for the Eastern and Central U.S. time zones, Masi manages all FPC partner relationships in her zone of influence. She is the first point-of contact referred clients have with FPC.

Tawny Garcia.jpeg

Tawny Garcia

Client Relationship Manager

In her role as Client Relationship Manager for the Western and Mountain U.S. time zones, Tawny manages all FPC partner relationships in her zone of influence. She is the first point-of-contact referred clients have with FPC.

Art Headshot.JPG

Art Schmittling

Employment Tax Consultant

Art leads FPC’s Merger & Acquisition efforts in his role as Employment Tax
Consultant. His sole mission is to educate our payroll and accounting partners on M&A Employment Tax Compliance as well as, Wage Base Credit Recovery.

Richard Pic.jpg

Richard Concepcion, E.A.

Employment Tax Consultant

Richard leads FPC’s Worker Classification Compliance Services and is also part of the operations team for employment tax compliance agency notice resolution.

"I started my S-Corp company last year. I was so focused on getting customers, that I forgot to run the company. Then came time for taxes. I knew I was behind so I called Andy Lopez. Mr. Flash spun into action and before I realized it, he had sorted out my mess. Not only was Andy good, but he was calm and always reassuring. Andy is my man for now and beyond!”

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